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What I mean with Discoveries?

That can be anything—from new food to new hobbies, from new countries and cultures, to a new you. This is inevitable if we are honest. When you discover new things, you always discover something about yourself. For many years I thought I have discovered exactly what I wanted. But then everything came differently. New country, new job, new home, new life. New challenges and successes, some defeats (it never goes without these bitches) but most importantly, more discoveries.

Quick facts—for the busy ones

I am Anna.

I am from Germany, Bavaria, but live in Amsterdam.

I am 32 years old.

I am a freelance copywriter and writer.

I believe in Karma, and you should too.

I love to discover new things.

Hence, this blog. 

I like the word "Hence".

Long version—for the ones who want to read

I am a copywriter. I would have never thought that I would ever say that. For years and years and years I only had one dream: become a freelance conference interpreter. I gave everything, I learned, I studied (blood, sweat and tears included... okay, maybe no blood) and then I was finally there—I graduated as a MA Conference Interpreter.

However, despite putting everything in what I had and what I could do, it was never enough. The setbacks were too many and at some point, I took fate into my own hands. I left my home country, Germany, again (for the third time), got back into a full-time position as a copywriter (turns out, I am actually quite creative) and I changed my entire life. That was the best decision ever. And since we don't want things to get boring, everything has changed again. I have given freelancing a second chance and have not regretted that step for one minute.

From the stubborn this-needs-to-work freelance interpreter I turned into a free-spirited creative girl who loves to discover new things. Don't get me wrong, I also love weekends where I do not have to put a bra on, just stay at home, eat and cuddle with my cat.

But trying out new things has kinda brought me back to life and a few areas stand out particularly. I am the biggest figure skating lover in the world—I cannot skate in a straight line, but boy, in my head I jump quint axles. I would have never believed that, but I found my love for sports! And with a genius app called OneFit I can try out everything! After my volunteering experience my heart for animals has grown even more leading to me become a little cat whisperer (and cleaner) at DOA, the biggest animal shelter in the Netherlands. And last but not least: once a year I escape for three weeks, go to places not all of my friends have been before and discover new countries, new cultures, and most importantly, a new me. Every time.