The arrogance of human beings

Human beings are so arrogant. I just went to a 7am yoga class and could not relax at all because my brain was just revolving around this thought.

I don't know how it got that far, but I am sure that at the beginning of humanity we were not that self-centred and arrogant.

We wrap everything in plastic and don't give a shit about the environment. We deforest huge areas for palm oil and not only destroy our planet but also the habitat of various animals leading to them starving. Well done humans! Just for nutella.

We mistreat animals so that they can entertain us. Elephants, sea lions, orca whales and dolphins. I am pretty sure they could imagine something nicer than jumping up and down for us. And dogs, like the Spanish galgos—look it up! I cannot believe that something like this happens in our days! Or bullfighting. They just call these things traditions and done. These are not traditions, that is animal mistreat of the highest class.

How did we get there? We want something and just take it, without thinking about the consequences or others, no matter if humans or animals. Let's not even start talking about the wars, just because of the greed for power. Do we really think, that we will not be punished for that? Sooner or later karma will strike back and hit everyone who did not at least try to make a difference.

I am not perfect. I am far from that. But at least trying to limit your plastic use, not supporting tourist animal attractions and donating a few bucks a month to an NGO can make a difference. And please, for FUCK'S SAKE: Politicians, do something!!!


A little note: It is 10pm now. When I am angry, I can apparently write pretty powerful things. But, right on time for bedtime, I have calmed down :)

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