Corona steals the show of these good news

Okay, let’s begin with a confession: not too long ago I perceived all the fuss around the coronavirus to be exaggerated. An article about exponential growth (and what that even means) as well as a chat with my friend have shown me that it actually is a liiiiiittle more than the yearly flunami. But hey, better late than never. So, always wash your hands at least 20 seconds (btw please also do so in post-corona-times), avoid crowds of people and instead of kisses just greet people with a big smile. Or – the best option possible – just stay at home. You will realise very quickly that there are actually just very few things that are so important that you really need to leave the house for.

But back to the topic of this article. I also know now that the virus clearly has deserved a permanent spot on the covers of all newspapers. However, there are also things that happened recently which clearly need to be mentioned – because they are too good not to.


Raising awareness is bearing fruit: According to surveys the majority of Germans (sorry, I mainly write for a German audience) are in favour of a CO2 tax and to prohibit short-haul flights. Furthermore, the worldwide CO2 emissions from the energy sector decreased by two percent in 2019, the biggest decline since 1990! The reason for this YAY development is mainly the switch to renewable energies and a decline of coal consumption. If only exponential growth applied to this as well…


It was International Women’s Day on 8 March. Millions of women AND men demonstrated for equal rights around the world. From Kyrgyzstan to Chile, from Bangladesh to the Netherlands. Furthermore, Oxford Dictionaries is planning a huge project: all sentences with a female pronoun are to be revised (more than 10.000), since adjectives like “shrill” or “fanatic” were previously connected to women’s voices or feminist movements. Jolly good!


The US-American Jennifer Gordon had a brillant idea to repair the shell of turtles. Simply take bra hooks, apply them to the shell with waterproof glue and connect them with wires! After a few months everything is fine again and the little ones can be released back to the wild. So ladies, check your underwear drawer and send a little package to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. Be a hero to turtles.

And now a few bits & pieces of brotherly and sisterly love:

  • A pensioner from Munich doesn’t have an easy life. However, that does not keep him from sewing for people in need living in his apartment block. Chapeau!

  • Fans of the football clubs Atalanta Bergamo und AS Rom cannot see the match due to Corona and donate the compensation they get for their tickets to hospitals. Bravo!

  • The American pizza place "Just Pizza & Wing Co." prints pics of dogs from the animal shelter “Niagara County SPCA” on their pizza boxes – the most delicious ad after Raffaello.


By the way, there are also good news in connection with the virus: the EU wants to provide 25 billion euros for the labour market, the health sector as well as for small and medium-sized companies which either have too much or too little work due to the virus. And if you are sick of hearing the word “Corona”, just think of the song “My Sharona” from “The Knack” from 1979. An oldie but goldie which you can also turn into "Bye Corona" when washing your hands. Stay safe!

© 2020 by Anna Rothärmel