Getting (back) on the horse

I was never very keen on horse riding. My mum is allergic to horses so me getting riding classes was somehow never taken into consideration. When my friends with horses talked about their hobby, I was always like "yeah, nice". I could never fully comprehend that enthusiasm. So when I said a few months ago that I would be taking riding lessons, everybody was a little surprised, to say the least.

Why I did that? I had booked my volunteer holiday in Namibia and knew that you could ride there. Riding through the desert was something, I thought would be an amazing experience.

I found an amazing place to take classes. From the first minute on everybody was super nice, helping me with everything and supporting me. I got on the horse, Merlijn to be precise, and the class started. The last time I had sat on a horse was when I was 4 years old, it was on holiday and it was a little pony. So that was an entirely new experience.

After 45 minutes I got off the horse again, no bruises, and I thought: Now that I have overcome that first fear, I need to get back on the horse again. A few weeks later I continued, but after one bad class where the horse, Olivier, just did what he wanted, I was intimidated.

I am too nice, not just to the horse btw but in everyday life too. For weeks I was thinking of getting back on the horse and then I decided against. I chickened out.

I once had a yoga teacher who said "fear is something natural and fear is something we all have in us". I guess sometimes you can overcome that fear and it turns into something beautiful that enriches you and your life. Sometimes, it is just too big and you cannot overcome it. Then you need to listen to yourself. But: if you don't try to overcome it, you will never know and you might miss out on something extraordinary.

Just do it. I am going to Namibia next week and still dreaming of riding through the desert. Will I do it? I don't know. Maybe. One thing is for sure though: I'm happy that I made this discovery. And who knows, maybe I will really get back on the horse.

NOTE: I did! In Namibia. Twice. It was amazing :)

© 2020 by Anna Rothärmel