Language is something so beautiful. With it we communicate, we express feelings and opinions. I am German, but I speak English (obviously), a little Spanish, I even learned Greek for a year and now I am learning Dutch. I love all of these languages because they all have something special about them. Maybe it is just the culture I connect with them. Might be.

Some say German is ugly. But beware my friends! German is the language of Goethe. Schiller. Some of the greatest poets of all time are German—after all, Germany is the country of "Poets and Thinkers".

I disagree with the people who say German is an "ugly" language. To me, German is beautiful. And this opinion is backed by bands like Die höchste Eisenbahn or Das Paradies or artists like Olli Schulz and Max Herre. Thank you for that! If you speak German, listen to them. They make German great (again).

And no, I am not a Trump fan. Needless to say. Because of this love for German you will find pieces in German on this site. That's the nice side of blogging—I can write about I want, in the language I want. ;)

Source: Pixabay, cocoparisienne

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