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Let's just try it

Whoever invented OneFit should be awarded with a medal! The sports world of Amsterdam is at my hands and with only one app I have the key to it. 

From Bodypump to Jumping Jump, from Vinyasa via Ashtanga to Aerial Yoga, from Swimming to Kickboxing—I have done it all.

I have always been interested in trying out all of these things (Yoga I have been doing for a long time actually), but my "innerer Schweinehund" always held me back. What that is? Well, it's a perfect example that German can be nice—the "innere Schweinehund" is that bastard voice in your head that says "I will do it tomorrow, I am too exhausted, I'll just relax, I have earned relax time". 

With OneFit I now have the possibility to try it all. With loads of gyms participating, I can just book my spot in the class I want, on my mobile. 

This should certainly not be an advertising for OneFit (you are welcome), but more of an advertising for just trying out things. I have even started horseback riding and although I have a hunch that I am not made for this, I am happy that I tried it out. I have pushed my boundaries and besides... I met amazing people!