OMG this is sooooo good!

This used to be my page where I wanted to write about food. Since this endeavour has not been the most successful one, I have decided to store the little copy I had somewhere else for the time being and change it into a page where I would like to share my newly discovered passion with you. And the funny thing is: the headline is still the one from my food page, but it could not fit better for this one.

All of you know that I travelled to Namibia in April this year, mainly because I cannot stop talking about it #sorrynotsorry. There I had countless "OMG this is soooo good!" experiences that I cannot stop thinking about them. They have changed my life. I learned so much about our world, the environment and wildlife that has left me speechless.

It has shown me that everything, no matter if flora or fauna, has a place and a purpose on this earth. And we have become very good at destroying all of it. 

This page is to be filled with articles about our beautiful world, what and who make it so special and that it is truly worth fighting for. And never forget: watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, as Ben Hart put it. Thank you, Ben, this is beautiful. Just like you ;).

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