The Little Things

I don't want to start this with lines people used to put on their walls 15 years ago, like "Live each day as if it was your last"—we all work, study, need to keep the house clean and feed ourselves. My last day would certainly look different than most of my usual days.

This is more about the little things that give us a smile each day. Like your favourite song and that feeling it gives you. Like my cat Coco playing with her new toy. Like the Amsterdam canals at sunset. Like the big cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

Maybe I will also write about the little things that me think and worry, like all the Donald Trumps in this world or like the way people treat other people, animals or our planet. Or how we can heal the world and make it a better place—yes! I did that on purpose so that you now also have Michael Jackson's song in your head and will not get rid of it anytime soon. Feel free to hum and sing it, it's nice. Maybe: Just watch the video — it is 28 years old and still extremely up to date.

No matter if bad, worrying or good, all of these little things are discoveries. Discoveries how you think about certain things, about the way you see the world. How we can change something which needs changing, if we only make a little bit of an effort. Or how beautiful our lives can be, if we only open our eyes.

© 2020 by Anna Rothärmel