One year has passed since I went to Namibia but the love for wildlife has not. Animals are not only fascinating, they also play a vital role in our ecosystem. Every living thing has its place and purpose on this earth and this is what makes our planet so special.

Greed has changed a lot of this well-working ecosystem. We humans think we can take whatever we want. No matter the costs, no matter the consequences. Riding on elephants is nothing natural. Rhino horns and pangolin scales do not help with impotence or anything else – you might as well just eat your fingernails, same thing. Palm oil fields for our food, packaging and so much more take away the habitat of countless animals.

The number of critically endagered animals is increasing at an alarming rate. Once they are extinct, this is it. You can show your children in a book what a rhino looked like, because they will never have the chance to see one in real life.

Raising awareness about this problem and capturing the beauty of a wide array of animals has been Joel Sartore's idea when he started to create his Photo Ark. While he used pictures, I want to use words and put animals, the threats they are facing and what we can do to stop this bullshit in the spotlight.


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