You should not call them Juniors

I have to be honest here... I have never watched the World Junior Figure Skating Championships. Ever! Thank god, I did this year. At least a bit, because NO ONE, not even Eurosport, showed them. Not even on the Eurosport player to catch up. Ts ts ts, Eurosport. Not cool! There were so many skaters who fascinated me and who gave me goosebumps. Let me just write more about the ones who took the titles home.

Alexandra Trusova (RUS) is so not a princess. She is a queen! To the OST of The Fifth Element she wowed the whole audience in her Free Skate. Falling on the quad Lutz, she nailed the quad Toeloop triple Toeloop combination and later showed another quad Toe! I have hardly ever seen a woman/girl jump a Quad! The artistic parts were just as fascinating, with all spins of level 4, resulting in a presentation score of astonishing 64.44.

Tomoki Hiwatashi (USA) skated to Fate of the Gods by Steven Reineke and interpreted the music with a somewhat dramatic vibe extremely well. The presentation score of 73.22 proves that, I guess. Despite some tiny mistakes here and there, I cannot wait to see more of this young talent next year. It is just beautiful, when a man does a Biellmann spin, don't you think?

In the Pairs' competition the Russian couples were not to beat. Already after the Short Programme, three Russian pairs were in the lead and after the Free Skate they still were, just in a different order with Anastasia Mishina and Aleksandr Gilliamov taking home gold. Their skate to the OST of The Master and Margarita was not without mistakes, their throws, however, were! Nailing the triple Throw Flip and triple Throw Salchow, plus an amazing presentation score of 59.42 points, pushed them from 3rd after the Short to 1st overall.

I am pretty sure the Ice Dance winners hear this a lot: Oh wow, little Tessa (okay, in blonde) and little Scott. And of course they are different, but one thing they do have in common: a presence that makes you not want to miss one second of their performance. The next generation of Canadian Ice Dance is here! And they are called Marjorie Lajoie and Zachary Lagha. 15 seconds into their Rhythm Dance and you can see that they are special. With their Free Dance to Warsaw Concerto by Richard Addinsell, they have enchanted me, and apparently also the judges. The first spin was just wow—if you have not seen it, this is the link to their Free Dance: You're welcome. They are already superstars and with their coaches being none other than Marie-France Debreuil, Romain Hagenauer, Patrice Lauzon and Pascal Denis, we can look forward to more I-must-not-miss-this performances.

These Junior World Championships have shown a few things: these "juniors" do things, I have never seen in the seniors' competition, and this is amazing. Not so amazing was the fact that the Dom sportova Arena in Zagreb, Croatia, was almost empty and no sports channel broadcasted the competition.

Big boo-boo my friends, because these championships have shown the future, and what a bright one that will be!

© 2020 by Anna Rothärmel