When the Best of the Best Meet

Then it is World Championship Time, this time in Saitama, Japan, and with the most amazing crowd—I love it how they supported every skater, every pair with the flags of each and every country!

But: I do not want to write too much now, my summaries for Pairs, Ladies, Men and Ice Dance got a liiiiittle out of hand. So I would recommend getting a cup of tea and then start reading. Or you just jump to your favourite discipline.

Just a teaser, these words will come up: Prince Charming. Vavavavoom. Blood. Not in the same part, that would be super cray cray.


I Fell in Love

Not just with one couple, but with several. I have been in love with Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès for years and after this amazing season of theirs, I was full of hopes that they would go home with a medal. Things unfortunately came differently. Or should I say fortunately? Being a little selfish here, I say yes, because the couples who grabbed the medals (and many others) were so amazing, that I also fell in love with them.

"Who is that, you ask? Well check it out here.


Stars and Shooting Stars

I am already sorry that I cannot name everyone I love. I have to admit that I am crazy about the Men’s competition, but I need to narrow it down here. So Keegan (you’ve got a lot of fans in us), Michal (you rock!), Boyang (3 quads—what? what? what?!), Mikhail (you are a star!), Dennis (the crowd loves you!) … all of you are amazing and you should have been featured in this. But this time, others make it. 

Intrigued? Skate this way.


She. Is. Back.

It was time for the lovely ladies and all eyes were on one: Evgenia Medvedeva was not at the Europeans, she was not at the Four Continents, she was not in the Grand Prix Final. But at the Worlds, she was. Along with many other talented, amazing girls who were craving for the title.

With just one click you can find out who these girls are: CLICK ME!


Dancing in the Record Rain

When I started watching Figure Skating I never watched Ice Dance. Stupid. I could have seen so many more World Championships like this one in Saitama. With Tango Romantica as a Rhythm Dance we saw a lot of fierce, melancholic and beautiful dances.

We all know who went home with the medals, but there are a few more featured in this section. Find it out here, or you will always wonder...

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